Sunday, 19 February 2017

Kimura Ramen

San Antonio, Texas

I found this really cool ramen place there (exactly what my Asian tummy need) and also the fact that they serve organic meat! Since he's an organic meatarian, he rarely has any chance to eat good ramen with pork/chicken broth. So, we were both really excited and look forward to try the ramen there!

Tonkotsu Ramen with Pork Belly - $14

I'd actually rate it 3 stars only, but I think they strain/sift/filter their broth, making it really smooth so I added half star. The pork belly isn't something really special but still above average of how Texans season the meat yet not reaching every area of the meat. Maybe because Ramen Tatsuya is my benchmark of how I define good ramen, the soft boiled egg is not really marinated well enough and it doesn't look that good. Another half star has been added because they put some fishcake in the ramen.

Tatamen with Chicken - $14

I think that the soup is really more flavorful than a watered-down soy suace bowl of soup, it's just a little too salty. Also, the fact that the fried oil aroma was rushing into my nose when it was served, I added the half star. The bok choy was grilled and it smells really good! I can also tell that had some fried garlic with sesame oil on it.

Gyoza - $7

It is actually pretty pricey for 4 gyozas. I actually didn't pay much attention to it or that I will notice it has the burnt part but the server explained that "he spilt the sauce". I didn't care at first about the burnt, but I don't buy his explanation. It's like other Japanese dumpling but I prefer the Chinese version more. =P

Yakitori - $7

Again, extremely overpriced for 2 chicken skewers. I understand that they are humanely sourced meat, but the flavor is only on the outside. I wish that the chicken were well marinated thoroughly because honestly I love the flavor. It's also something my mom knows how to make. The carrot were cut thinly and the sauce from the yakitori drips down to it. It taste really good because of how it was cut and the suace added some flavor on it. I know it's a garnish but I really appreciate food. 

My boyfriend and I will probably go back because he loves ramen and this is the first ramen place we found that serve humanely sourced meat. 

Here's a picture of one downtown San Antonio while we were finding a parking. 

Friday, 20 January 2017

Angelababy post-baby style

Angelababy's post delivery picture when she left the hospital has been flooding my facebook. It is hard to not notice the beautiful white coat that she wore so I thought I have to do some research about it. So, I found something online in Mandarin that I thought it is worth translating and some who don't read Mandarin can't find it without Googling the right keyword would appreciate this post. Here you go.

Technically, there's no translation and the pictures are pretty much self explanatory. =P

  • White coat from Christian Dior.

  • Flowy dress from YSL.

On the other hand, her husband, Huang Xiao Ming, wore an

  • embroidered coat from Gucci as well.

  • Baby hand carrier from Stokke.

Source: Link1 | Link2

Monday, 15 June 2015


Yeap. Still using that Malaysian date format. And yeap, a night I feel like updating my blog after so long.

My first trip in my life to Los Angeles.

I've been busy with life. I've change a lot since I last blogged. Mostly on my life accomplishments, like...

I got over my first boyfriend and realize I didn't love him anymore,
I realize I can fell in love once again,
I got addicted to League and bought my first skin,
So cutie, I'm so obssessed with her!
"In the name of Demacia, I will punish you!"
I got into an Engineering degree program in a new university,
I got my own social circle in America,
I went to LA,
I can get along well living with people other than my own family,

I... don't know, improved a lot and grew up. 

I am at the point of my life where I am still struggling with many things, in the mean time know that I will be successful soon. I thought about what I really want in my life. What I really want is to make my parents have comfortable life, both my mom and dad.

I guess I figured out what I ultimately want in my life, I want a job, a car and a house. My life doesn't have to be adventurous to be interesting. All I care is about making my family happy. My family includes my dear aku-papa and ahkim-mama in Penang who helped to raise me.

Here's a not-so-fancy picture of me with the Dean of College of Science and Engineering during the Dean's list banquet for the Fall 2014 semester. This is how I look on the day I'm having an exam prior attending the event.

 My kind of business casual, a sweater of a unicorn puking rainbow. I deserve a trophy.
I got 4.0 last semester. So, I'm gonna get another of this kind of photo next semester again. Weeee (I don't look as chubby than I was in that photo now)

I went to the cinema today and watched "Spy". It was amazing, and I love how amazing Melissa McCarthy rock the flowy dress.
Can't find the full body view of the dress on the internet. LOL.

To do list now, thanks to those ads before "Spy", I need to read John Green's "Paper Towns" before I go watch the movie. Why? Cause fucking Cara Delevinge is in that movie. ♥♥♥♥♥♥ I need to do the whole new cycle like what I did to TFIOS. Just some chick flick shit I'm going through, don't judge.

Signing off. Bye. Tomorrow I haz a 2pm fucking Engineering core class. Ughhhh

P.S: I still love blogging no matter what. It's just my shit and my blog is where I can look on the internet and feel good about myself, unlike my Youtube videos. *hides face and runs away